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Team Tastic has been founded at the beginning of 2019 by TypOtastic and Nypotastic. The team has been created for players with the purpose of just having a great time playing shooter games on PS4 and PC. Our goal is to attract players who just like to enjoy playing games and having a laugh together as a team. We prefer to play for fun, but when time comes and members are interested there is always a place for competative tournaments. Team Tastic will not force you to play daily, just hop in a game when you're able to after a hard day of work. From time to time the team will also be livestreaming gameplays on twitch.

2019 GOALS:

- Getting a .com website.


- An updated website and interactive forum.
- A friendly environment where fun is the main part.
- A team which keeps expanding with new features.
- A place in our discord server.
- Teamplay during games.

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